Is there a Silent Killer lurking around your work place?

A 2004 report from the National Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Committee on occupational death and injury in New Zealand, estimated the death toll from work related illnesses to be somewhere between 700 to 1000 per year.

It took 10 deaths in the forestry industry in 2013 to spark some governmental action in that industry but the ongoing morbidity from the wider industrial workplace hardly rates a headline.

Partly this is due to the fact that most of these workplace deaths do not occur suddenly. Rather, the onset of ill-health is gradual and cumulative following many years of exposure to fumes and liquids. How many old painters do you know?

The good news, though, is that you do not have to become another victim. You can do something about it. Apart from wearing the appropriate masking and physical protection, one important thing you can do is to always use the safest products available. In the case of solvents this means avoid using “organic” petroleum based products wherever possible. They are often mixtures that can be very hazardous to long term users. As a guide, the container for such liquids will usually display a flammable symbol.

An example of a safe, new generation solvent is Green Kiwi Clean’s BioDegreaser – a totally natural water based solvent which is extremely safe for both the user and the environment. It has passed the rigorous EPA 96-hour static trout test (yes, fish can even swim in it!)…….and wait for it, is also highly effective. Our customers love the product and regularly comment on how pleased they are with their decision to switch.

So, don’t risk becoming a statistic, make a positive choice for your (good) health and switch to a new generation safe degreaser today.

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