Welcome to the new Green Kiwi Clean website. Although we have been in business for over ten years, this is our first attempt at creating a website. And because this is our first time, we are happy to receive any feedback, both good or bad, to help us make further improvements. At the end of the day what we think looks like a user friendly and intuitive layout may not always prove to be the case for the real users, you our customers.

Our first ten years in business has passed very quickly. During that time we have worked hard to source great products that are not only safe for the user and environmentally sound, but that are also highly effective. We will talk more about many of these products over coming weeks. We love to talk about them because not only do they meet our ‘best of breed’ criterion, but they embody such clever science. Would you believe, for example, that with one of our products, the more you use it, the better it is for the environment.

Being based in Christchurch and surrounded by the Canterbury plains and once pristine hinterland, we are acutely aware of the need to do what we can to maintain clean fresh water ways. We need to do this not just for our own health and enjoyment, but also to help preserve the planet for our children and future generations to enjoy. Concerns about the impact of some of society’s past and present environmental attitudes and practices are increasing and the warning signs are there for all of us to see. They are a call to all of us to be more aware of the environmental impact of the type of products we are using on a daily basis, how we use them, and how they are disposed of.

Providing products that are environmentally sound is only part of what we do at Green Kiwi. The other part is offering products that are also safe for the users. The long term use of some cleaning products has had long term detrimental effects on the health of users. This impact is something that insidiously develops over time and leaves the user with severe health issues in later life.

But the good news is that help is here in the way of cleaner, greener products. Over the coming months we will talk about these products in more detail. Just remember that products that are safe for you are probably also going to be safer for the world around you. So do yourself and the environment a favour and look for bona fide green products to use.

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